How to Play

A Quick Game is a Good Game!

So, what is Rapid Golf?

Rapid Golf is for those who love running outdoors and keeping fit.

Rapid Golf is the long-awaited Golf game for athletes. It requires the mental focus needed while hitting the ball combined with athletic prowess to be quickest to the green.

How to play Rapid Golf?

Easy, hit the ball to the green as quickly possible, don’t run on greens, and sink the ball in 2 putts or less. No need to count strokes or shots.

Check out some tips for playing and read the few, easy rules of Rapid Golf by clicking here.

How can Rapid Golf help you?

Golf is now (finally) a mental AND physical pursuit. Better still, you can now fit in a round of Rapid Golf before or after work! It usually takes just over an hour to complete 18 holes!!

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Let’s bring TRUE innovation to Golf!

Rapid Golf encourages ANY innovation of equipment and we invite technological advancement in any form.

Contact us with any ideas for how you or your business can improve the great game of Golf!

Any further questions we can help with?

We’re here to answer any of your questions… Contact us by clicking here at any time!