How to Play?

A Quick Game is a Good Game!


How do I win at Rapid Golf?

The player with the quickest Round Time (see below) wins.

The best way to play is with a friend.

Strokes are not counted, but you can be sure the player with the least shots in a round will be very successful at Rapid Golf (i.e. less time spent stopping to hit a ball).

What is my Round Time?

Each player’s time starts from the time the player leaves the tee of each hole and stops once their ball is on the green AND they physically pass the pin (Hole Time).

The following are taken into account to calculate each Hole Time:

a) 1 putt once on green = 15 seconds off the Hole Time

b) 2 putts once on green = no change to Hole Time

c) Each putt over 2 putts once on green = 15 seconds added to Hole Time.

d) Lost Ball = 15 seconds added to Hole Time, and drop where the ball line left the fairway.

Each player adds up their Hole Times to calculate their “Round Time”.

How will I time myself?

The Rapid Golf App coming soon!

Until then, use your phone timer. Individual honesty that currently governs Golf plays just an important role in Rapid Golf.

Contact Us for any enquiries relating to the App.

What equipment do I need?

It’s up to you! Play with as many clubs as you think will better your Rapid Golf game. The balance between the weight of the clubs to carry, and having effective club options is vital.

“Secret” Tip: Reduce the number clubs to carry by learning how to hit certain clubs long or short effectively.

There are no club, ball or equipment mechanical restrictions in relation to head size, weight, length or type in Rapid Golf. Get your ball in the hole.

A “Fair Play” policy strictly applies to Rapid Golf play. Equipment will be banned from Rapid Golf competitions if it is deemed to provide an unfair benefit (e.g. electronic shot assistance/correction) at the discretion of Rapid Golf administrators.

Contact Us for any further questions!